Marginalised Gender Identities –
How can Intellectual Activism Transform Work and Organization


The 2023 Gender, Work and Organization (GWO) conference will be hosted for the first time on African shores at Stellenbosch, South Africa. The conference theme is Marginalised gender identities – how can intellectual activism transform work and organization? Marginalized gender identities include women, the LGBTQ+ community, and non-normative heterosexual men, which further intersect with race, ethnicity, religionclassbodily and cognitive ability, nationalitygeospatial and socioeconomic origin or placement, educational background, and job type.

Launched in 1994, Gender, Work and Organization was the first journal to provide an arena dedicated to debate and analysis of gender relations, the organisation of gender and the gendering of organisations. GWO provides an international forum for debate and analysis of contemporary issues affecting gender studies at work, in organizing work, and in jobs. In 2021, the GWO conference at Kent University, United Kingdom attracted in excess 600 international scholars from over 30 nations, which was followed by the 2022 conference in Bogota, Columbia.

Conference format:

The #GWO2023 will be predominantly in-person, but there will be an option for online attendance. Keynotes will be delivered in a hybrid format and majority of the streams as well as the collaborative events will be held in-person. Collaborative events will bring about an opportunity to network and collaborate with academic peers on various topics and put into action the many valuable discussions that will be taking place at #GWO2023. The collaborative events will incorporate arts, crafts, the African experience – making it colourful and inclusive for all. An in-person connection post-pandemic, to Africa’s leading destination filled with vibrance, diversity and attractions galore.

Local Organising Committee (LOC)

People with Disability

GWO is an inclusive community. We seek to provide equal opportunities for all, including people with disability. Our conference will support services for people with disability by committing to the accessibility of the venues, facilities, transport and accommodation. 

Disability and mobility needs can be communicated to the organisers via the online registration form. If you have a related question or concern, please connect with our Conference Hub team at

Child Care

A nursing room will be available at the venue

Participants in need of child care services at the conference should contact our organising team at to discuss child care needs.

Participant is fully responsible for reviewing the services offered and determining whether they are suitable for his/her child. GWO and Stellenbosch University makes no representations regarding the provision of services.

GWO, Stellenbosch University and the conference organisers provides no endorsement or recommendation of services, no assumption of responsibility or liability related to the services and no guarantee regarding the services. Individual participants accept full responsibility and risk for engaging in the services.